Thursday, January 27, 2011

BoNeLeSs TonGuE...

  • Tweet..tweet... now i'm at home...just take a short rest from the busy world at campus (busy ke??)huhu..ermm...actually i need to get back in uitm tomorrow.. :'(..coz sabtu ni the sports day for pre-lawrians n i am one of the community..(active la kononnya)huhu.. 
  • anyway,get back to the topic..actually, the main purpose i write this post coz i want to talk about a very special gift for us,which is..T.O.N.G.U.E...hurmm.. 
  • besides that,we could also express our feelings or thoughts towards someone we want..this will decrease the rate of passion love which the person we love don't know our feelings to him or her.hence,indirectly it will boost up the rate of romantic relationship(suka sama suka).
  • next,by using tongue we can voice out our dissatisfaction on any unfair acts that happen everyday around us no matter in our family,society,government or what,many human sapiens being very proud with their verbal abilities or communication skills..
  • however,we should know how to control and the limit of our powerful tongue.remember,those who talk a lot but not being balanced by a good knowledge will succumbing to sins..

"don't spread rumors,or it will become a threat to u"
"don't spread rumors,or it will become a burden to the victim"
"don't spread rumors,or it will perish relationship" 
"don't ever try to spread rumors  again,"
 "COZ I KNOW THE FEELINGS of those victims..."
"how i know???? I AM THE VICTIM,I Know laa....!!! i lost my bestie bcoz of u!!!!i lost trust from everyone bcoz of u!!!and i lost my temper bcoz of u!!!!"
astaghfirullahalazim....hariz... apa dah jadi dgn kau  hariz..ini semua dugaan buatmu...hadapilah dgn tabah..hadapilah dgn tenang...jgan terlalu ikutkan amarahmu...
hariz,carilah tempat mengadu...
Hadith  dari   Huzaifah r.a: 
Sayidina Umar r.a pernah bertanya aku ketika aku bersamanya. 
Katanya: Siapakah di antara kamu yang pernah mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w meriwayatkan tentang fitnah? 
Para sahabat menjawab: Kami pernah mendengarnya. 
Sayidina Umar bertanya: Apakah kamu bermaksud fitnah seorang lelaki bersama keluarga dan jiran tetangganya? 
Mereka menjawab: Ya, benar. 
Sayidina Umar berkata: Fitnah tersebut boleh dihapuskan oleh sembahyang, puasa dan zakat. 
Huzaifah berkata:Tetapi, siapakah di antara kamu yang pernah mendengar Nabi s.a.w bersabda tentang fitnah yang bergelombang sebagaimana lautan bergelombang? 
Para sahabat terdiam. 
Kemudian Huzaifah berkata: Aku, wahai Umar! 
Sayidina Umar berkata: Engkau. 
Lantas Sayidina Umar memuji dengan berkata ayahmu adalah milik Allah. 
Huzaifah berkata: Aku dengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
Fitnah akan melekat di hati manusia bagaikan tikar yang dianyam secara tegak-menegak antara satu sama lain. Mana-mana hati yang dihinggapi oleh fitnah, nescaya akan terlekat padanya bintik-bintik hitam. Begitu juga mana-mana hati yang tidak dihinggapinya, akan terlekat padanya bintik-bintik putih sehinggalah hati tersebut terbahagi dua: Sebahagiannya menjadi putih bagaikan batu licin yang tidak lagi terkena bahaya fitnah, selama langit dan bumi masih ada. Manakala sebahagian yang lain menjadi hitam keabu-abuan seperti bekas tembaga berkarat, tidak menyuruh kebaikan dan tidak pula melarang kemungkaran, segala-galanya adalah mengikut keinginan (Hadith Riwayat Muslim)

i know who..i know who can i ask for help..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tranquility Is Ours...

toinkk toinkk!! i'm in library..waiting for my next class at 4...tempah
 blik perbincangan,tp bkn nak wat menda's normal 
right...remaja la katakan...kikiki...

anyway,just now one of my friend ask me.."hariz,tranquility tu ape..??"since this word is not really familiar with us,let me explain the real concept of tranquility...huhu...mengikut kefahaman saya,tranquility is the same meaning as K.E.T.E.N.A.N.G.A.N..ketenangan...that is from my understanding laa...but,when i refer to some sorts of source that can be trust,i found these:
  1. calm
  2. serenity
  3. quiet
  4. calmness
  5. rest
  6. quietness
  7. composure
  8. sobriety
Abraham Lincoln....huhu...ermm..i'm quite sure that majority of us
 had heard his name,ramai yg x tau sape mat salleh ni..
actually, he is one of  the president of United States..
Abraham Lincoln once said,
 “A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” 
 In this, Lincoln was describing a state of mind, tranquility, which is not depend on outer circumstances.Was he right? Is such a state possible? Can you really be happy no matter what happens to you? The answer is yes, you can, but it is not a habit that comes naturally for most people. You will need to work at it. You will need lots of practice. You will need to change your mindset.When we involve in problems,stay calm and don't panic.Remember that all of us will dabble in problems,so,try to find the best solution by thinking wisely..
TING TONG!!!ehem ehem!!For me and myself,i really believe that serenity state can be achieved by some tips which are:
1.tell the truth-lying takes a lot of energy.when we are about to lie to someone,our mind are not in a equilibrium state.we will striving to think the best way to hide our deception.however,just imagine if people know that we are lying,might be our credibility will fluctuate and since then, people around us will never believe us anymore.

"i ade kawan,xyah la gtau nama dy k..dy ni always cita kat member2 dy(termasok i la tu)about his luxurious life..sal umah dy,keta2 fmily dy,pasal percutian dy(goald coast la konon..).dipendekkan cita,one day one of his family accident..kitorang pon p la melawat dy based on address of his house that we get from sumber2 yg bley dpercayai..bila da smpai umah dy,alangkah terkejutnya kitorang bila tgk bungalow 3 tingkat yg dy dok cita2 tu dah transform jadik umah semi d..!!!merc dah evolve jadi persona...!!starts from that moment,we don't believe whatever he said...senang cita,be honest!!honesty is the best policy(tingat waktu zaman sekolah dulu)"

2.let go-Let go of the need to be perfect, no one is. Let go of the need to be in control all of the time, no one is. Let go of the need to be efficient and organized all the time, no one is. Let go of the need to do it all, no one can. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break. It’s okay to let things slide from time to time. It’s okay to not always have it together. The more you’re able to let go and be accepting of the way things are the calmer and more serene your life will be.
3.get on with sports-put your shoes on and play!!no matter what sports or games it is, just enjoy it(even x reti main)but,for me myself i prefer play something that i this way,i could enhance my self-esteem..ting tong!!huhu!!!-senyum seindah suria,yg membawa cahya,senyumlah dari hati,duniamu berseri...i believe almost all of us know this is the easiest way to live in tranquil and stay me!!smile..and the whole world will smile with you..(n_n)
5. leave to god,tawakal!!

huhu...i think that's all from me in this time being...


Friday, January 21, 2011

FiRsT wOrDs FrOm Me...

assalamualaikum and a very warm greetings to all..

huhu..i'm really2 excited today coz i still don't believe
 that i could have a blog now!!!wahhhh!!!suke suke suke!!!

hahaha...actually,the main reason i made up my mind to be a blogger is not to spiel out my feeling, diaries or what not...but,deep inside my soul,i really want to xpress my thoughts besides filling up my boring day...huhu...

everyday,what i did only went to classes,lectures,libraries,labs and what not...i hope the presence of this blog will cheer up my day..huk3..

toink toink today are very challenging and urban..hence,we as "budak Melayu", who are the one that   "mudah lupa", should grab this opportunity to show the world the true colours of "Melayu"..what i mean by this sentence is we should have a strong hold and beliefs besides extraordinary effort to be the one who will uphold and brings the name of "Melayu" to the top of the world...let earth see the power of "Melayu" to conquer the mentality of the world....(pe yg ak mlalut nih) huahua..
hence, i consistently believe that i as a "Melayu" will be one of the competitors to be the leader of this beautiful country..(secure attachment style~high self esteem+high trusting others)....boleh ke?? insya-Allah... anyway.....hope i can share on my thoughts with you all then..
"tak mungkin kau jadikan kelabu.. Tepis-tepis kata yg sinis,yg panas kujadikan ia beku..bahagia kan  kukemudi selalu.. Biar kumenuju jalan tak berliku.. Biarkan cemburu berkubur.. Asalkan tak cemari hidupku..Biarkan kusenyum selalu,tandanya kutiada seteru.."

jangan kau terpenjuru..jangan kau bercelaru..

*diriku bukan milikmu!!*