Thursday, May 5, 2011

fake muslim? has been a long time since my last i just wanna share on with you a true short dialogue that i've heard from someone that i really happened in one of the top university in South Korea between Malaysia and Korean students..the conversation begun.

soo: hye have u been?

hasna: i'm great!!since like also pretty well i see..

soo: yeah..since the last class with sir henry..thank god he ended his class early..its really bored!!

hasna:haha... yes..i think so..(laugh)

soo: hasna, can i ask u something?since the first time i met you i really want to know..why are u wearing urtudung) now are in korea, not malaysia..your god, as what muslims called Him Allah(with korean slank)is not here right??we are not in i think maybe u will be more comfortable if u just let free ur nice hair here.. shawl(

hasna: (smile again)..soo my dear..there are something that u really need to understand about our religion ..actually, Allah is not only  in malaysia..but, he is everywhere.. he always watching us(muslims)..he knows everything about us..even anywhere we are..not only in malaysia..(smile)

soo: but, i see now here in korea pretty much of muslims dont wear the shawls..i'm a bit confused about it.. hasna..actually, wearing shawls is the obligatory in ur religion or it just a trend or fashion of muslims?

hasna: soo,it is or obligatory of muslim women to cover their hair..not only hair,but all parts of body except face and hand..if we as muslim women dont do it,we will pay for it now in our life or hereafter...Allah will be very angry to us...

all of sudden,

maria:hye hasna,soo!!!!both of talk about what..??

soo:maria,are u muslim?

maria:of course i shows right??(laugh)

soo:why u dont wear ur shawl??it is an obligatory for muslim women right??

maria:yeah..i know about it..but, i don't like it..why should i cover my beautiful hair?haha...maybe one day i will wear it..

soo: so, u are FAKE MUSLIM i guess??

maria just leave soo there and went immediately to somewhere else..she was very angry with soo ann for what she has said her(fake muslim).but, at the same time, she felt very ashamed of herself as what had soo said seems like the truth..after that,she tried to be a good muslimah in a real meaning of really deally good muslimah...


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